Signature restores 12 year old cast aluminum furniture

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We’ve had a set of cast aluminum furniture on our deck for 5 years at our NJ home then moved to Central PA where it’s been on our South facing deck for 7 years. Every year, I try something different to clean the white weathering stains that have built up over time from the weather exposure. I’ve tried Barkeeper’s Friend, Cameo Aluminum Cleaner and even an industrial strength commercial aluminum restoration product. They all looked OK for a day or so, then the white milky residue would return and the set would look unsightly. My wife even thought we should get rid of it and try a different material, but what could be more durable than cast aluminum?!?

Last week, I decided to try Signature. Like others likely have, we began using Signature on our SubZero refrigerator and Wolf range.  Then, my wife discovered it can also clean kitchen cabinets and be used as furniture polish. So, I decided to give it a try, and the furniture came out great!  I didn’t want to get too excited though, because in the past it would only look good for a couple of days. Well, one week and 3 major thunderstorms later, the table and chairs still look great!

Thought you’d want to know so that you can share with your customers that there’s another use for your great product!  I’m not sure what’s in it (and not sure that I want to know), but it’s a great product that we continue to find new uses for. Well done. Don’t change a thing! I remember when your label went from red to green, I was concerned that you did, but was happy to discover it was only a label change. 😀

John Kittle
Boalsburg, PA

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