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Tried it out on product....

  • charlene on

    omg!!!!! Fantastic I NEVER have had a product clean stainless and leave it so clean and polished. I tried it on my painted cabinets miracle
    I am now passing it on to my daughters Thank you

  • John Richardson on

    We just discovered another great use for this product. We recently found some very visible scratches on our LVP simulated wood flooring. Decided to try Signature polish to see if it would help blend or hide the scratches. It worked. The scratches are no longer visible. What a great find. Thanks

  • Rob Smart on

    We love your product. Two questions:

    1.) I’d like to also buy the gallon, is this possible?
    2.) Do you sell a spray attachment for your 16 oz. Bottles?

    Regards, Rob

  • Ryan Zehring on

    If you’re reading this Mr and Ms Customers, I’m merely testing a Blog to share all the great things you say about Signature Polish. Thank you for your order – Ryan

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